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Erika Fernandez

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Background: Critically ill newborn infants admitted to newborn intensive care units often exhibit signs of cardiovascular insufficiency including hypotension. The suspected etiology for hypotension has been hypothesized to be caused by adrenal insufficiency. Treatment with glucocorticoids has been used for other critically ill populations, but there are limited studies in the term and late preterm newborn infant. The goal was to describe a search strategy to obtain the most relevant literature in this area of research interest. Methods: Systematic PubMed searches in the critically ill newborn population: Adrenal insufficiency [MeSH] OR cardiovascular insufficiency [MeSH] AND glucocorticoid therapy Results: The first search strategy resulted in missing key articles well known in the field. Because of the limited number of articles dedicated to this group of topics, the search was expanded to be more inclusive. The initial search strategies resulted in articles which did not pertain to the target population. Irrelevant articles were removed by eliminating them from the final search, using a set of predetermined criteria. Conclusion: A significant number of articles relevant to the critically ill newborn population with putative cardiovascular or adrenal insufficiency were found in the biomedical literature using a PubMed MeSH-based search strategy.

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University of New Mexico Clinical and Translational Science Center (UNM CTSC)


University of New Mexico Clinical and Translational Science Center (UNM CTSC), Master of Science in Clinical Research (MSCR), University of New Mexico (UNM), "adrenal function, critically ill, neonates, infants, literature search strategy"


literature search strategy for critically ill newborn infants and adrenal function