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Spring 2020


In the age of COVID19 even artists have had to adapt to how they create works of art. In the case of Community Health worker Patricio Trujillo, who goes by Tlacaelel Fuentes when creating art, he too changed the method of working on his "The Chair" project. "Typically I invite people to my studio to sit in a chair, which came out of a Church. I started to photograph friends, co-workers, and community leaders who I know in the Albuquerque area. Then COVID hit and that all stopped. One person seeing the sieries, asked if she could photoshop herself in the chair, and since she lives in Chicago. I loved the idea, this lead me to thinking about photographing folks in The Chair with PPE on. I would love to share this series with the COVID-19 Community Gallery.


Staff, Health Care Worker


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