2022 Pediatric Research Forum Poster Session

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Discharge from the NICU on home oxygen therapy is a common occurrence, particularly at higher altitude. Management and weaning of home oxygen therapy can be a challenge for pediatric primary care providers and access to pedi rur al state s atric pulmonology is limited , such as New Mexico. The goal of our project is to facilitate the management of home oxygen therapy in NICU graduates in the primary care setting. To further analyze the challenges and help target potentially useful interventions, we surveyed ped iatric primary care providers and families of NICU graduates about their experiences with home oxygen therapy. The majority of providers responded that they have cared for NICU graduates discharged on home oxygen, do not feel comfortable with the managemen t of weaning home oxygen, and would be interested in written guidance on weaning home oxygen. Based on this information, we have developed a written guideline and flowchart for management of home oxygen therapy weaning for infants discharged from the NICU on accounts for majority of NIC ≤ 0.1 25 L/min (1/8 L/min) oxygen, which U discharges on home oxygen. This guideline is based on an extensive review of the medical literature, including position states from leading professional societies, and has been reviewe d and approved by Pediatric Pulmonology and Pediatric Cardiology at UNM. We plan to assess the impact of this guideline on provider comfort and patients’ family and provider experience with home oxygen weaning by resurveying these groups after consistent d istribution of the guidelines upon NICU discharge. We will use this information to guide further quality improvement interventions.



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