2021 Pediatric Research Forum Poster Session

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The Department of Pediatrics provides support for faculty and residents conducting quality improvement (QI) activities to meet Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) requirements related to quality improvement and patient safety (QIPS) and to improve patient care and enhance provider satisfaction. The Department has infrastructure and resources available to facilitate training and professional development in QI methodology, as well as all aspects of QI work, including project planning, implementation and dissemination. As an initiative dedicated to supporting sustainable enhancements in health care service delivery to improve New Mexico child and adolescent health, Envision NM 2.0 in the Division of Adolescent Medicine offers consultation for QI project planning, implementation and dissemination, access to QI tools and resources and support for obtaining Maintenance of Certification (MOC) and continuing medication education (CME) credits for completing QI activities. The Vice Chairs of Education and Research, the Department Quality Officer and the Residency Program Director facilitate training and financial and mentoring support for QI work, and serve as liaisons with others conducting QI work across the Health Sciences Center and the hospital. The individuals currently filling these positions have extensive experience and expertise in conducting QI work, and are available for consultation. This QI infrastructure is essential to the success of QI activities in the Department, benefitting patients, faculty and learners alike.



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