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The Center for Brain Recovery and Repair at the Health Sciences Center aims to develop safe and effective interventions targeted at specific pathways or mechanisms to improve the quality of life of New Mexicans with brain and behavioral conditions. The Center, part of the NIH IDeA program and funded as a Center of Biomedical Research Excellence, opened in 2015 in UNM Domenici Hall. In addition to creating a critical mass of investigators in the field of brain recovery and repair, the Center's facilities are also available for use by other investigators on a fee-for-service basis. The Center received Phase II funding in 2020 to further improve research infrastructure and develop a critical mass of investigators in brain research. The Center also received an equipment supplemental grant in 2021 to purchase a high-performance computing cluster, allowing offline and online analysis with a parallel file system and a tape library for stable archival data storage. The Center includes pre-clinical and clinical research studies of efficacy and mechanism, but it does not provide clinical care. The Center's primary goal is to develop interventions that target specific pathways or mechanisms to improve motor or cognitive function and are safe and effective when delivered at time points ranging from emergency room visits to life after injury or illness. By focusing on the development of therapies for brain and behavioral conditions, the Center aims to improve the quality of life of New Mexicans. Through its research infrastructure and its critical mass of investigators, the Center hopes to contribute to the advancement of brain research and the development of effective treatments for brain and behavioral conditions.


Poster presented at the Brain & Behavioral Health Research Day 2023



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