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Neuro Life Online® is an online platform delivering live-stream social and educational programs to the movement disorder community via Zoom video conferencing.

In 2016, PMDAlliance began testing Neuro Life Online® (NLO) as a pilot initiative to expand Parkinson’s disease education services in rural/underserved areas. NLO offers live-stream physician-based education, wellness coaching, social opportunities, and assistance in setting up telemedicine services for unserved and underserved populations across the US and internationally.

The need for more services is obvious. 19% of people in the US (60 million people) and 45% worldwide live in rural areas, based on a 2007 UN report. A 2015 study revealed severe depression and anxiety exists in 40-70% of people with PD and care partners - higher than most other chronic conditions. Only 20% receive treatment for their depression and anxiety, resulting in emergency room visits and increased mortality rates. A 2010 study linked overall physical and mental health to social relationships. Addressing health concerns without also addressing socialization and isolation issues results in poor outcomes. Conversely, when interventions are combined with community building and socialization, overall wellbeing is enhanced and follow through is improved.

NLO was designed as a partnership program. Any clinician, allied health professional, or organization can engage as a partner and provide this program free of charge to their community, groups or patients and care system. Current users live across the US, in Canada, England, Australia, and Asia. Our growing network of 140 volunteer MDS physicians (called Physician Advisors) means that NLO live-streaming regularly offers the expertise of high-quality medical professionals to people living in areas not otherwise served. It offers socialization without regard to geographic location and focuses on the whole person’s health and wellbeing.


Poster presented at the Brain & Behavioral Health Research Day 2021



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