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A multi-faceted training program to help volunteer support group leaders learn leadership and facilitation skills, and provide them with supportive resources.

Many people impacted by PD rely heavily on support groups and peers for support, socialization, tips and assistance. Most support groups are led by people with movement disorders or their care partners. They dedicate their time and energy over multiple years as volunteer leaders. Yet while they support so many others, they seldom receive the support they need. With limited understanding of how to start, grow and sustain a group, the leaders are often untrained and isolated. To address this need, PMD Alliance developed the In Sync!® Support Group Leader program, now in its fifth year. This multi-faceted program arms group leaders with information needed to maintain a robust, connected and informed group.

In Sync!® Online offers live-stream training and networking sessions via Zoom video conferencing. Group leaders can develop their facilitation, leadership, and technology skills, plus meet other group leaders and share best practices.

Support Group in a Box® is a toolbox of resources to start, market, maintain and sustain a group. Particular attention is given to the needs of rural and smaller communities that are often without adequate resources. It is an excellent toolkit for new groups, as well as support groups that have been in existence for a long period of time. By ensuring each group has a solid foundation and utilizes support group best practices, PMD Alliance is able to help ensure groups grow and sustain, even when group leaders change.


Poster presented at the Brain & Behavioral Health Research Day 2021



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