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Serenity Mesa Youth Recovery Center is a transitional living treatment facility located in Albuquerque. Serenity Mesa provides 90-days of treatment, life skills, high school education, and career readiness for young people (ages 14-21) who are looking to get help for their substance abuse issues. Serenity Mesa is one of the only treatment centers in NM providing services to youth. Our goal is to meet each young person where they are at and try and build treatment goals around their individual needs, taking into account their living situation, family supports, substance abuse, mental health issues, age, education, and job skills. Working with the client, we build a plan that includes both substance use and life goals that they wish to accomplish. We then work with the client to help them achieve their goals. Clients live on site at Serenity Mesa for 90+ days. They progress through various phases of the program, each of which contain different tasks and objectives to be completed. Covid—19 significantly increased mental health and substance abuse issues nationwide. Youth were significantly impacted as many were not in school, had limited access to support systems, therapy, and positive adults/mentors, but had easy access to inexpensive yet deadly substances to help fill their time and temporarily help their mental health issues. Fentanyl has become many people’s drug of choice and for the first time, we are seeing young people overdose and die faster than they are able to get treatment. Fentanyl is a game changer and is quick to cause addiction and dependance to its victims and is also quick to kill those who use it. Our goal is to do what we can to help our clients find a way to achieve sobriety and live their best life.v


Poster presented at the Brain & Behavioral Health Research Day 2022



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