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Objective: The primary objectives of this study were to examine referral sources and demographic, clinical, and socioenvironmental characteristics of Hispanics referred to and enrolled in a program of coordinated specialty care (Early CSC program) for first-episode psychosis, to compare them with characteristics of other referred and enrolled racial-ethnic groups, and to identify factors associated with enrollment in the program .

Methods: A retrospective review was conducted for all individuals referred to and enrolled in the Early CSC program over a 2-year period. Extracted data included referral sources and demographic and clinical characteristics. Zip code–level data from publicly available sources were cross-referenced with individual records. Nonparametric tests and appropriate secondary analysis were used to determine significant differences across racial-ethnic groups referred to (N=180) or enrolled in (N=75) the Early CSC program. A random forest model was used to determine which factors or interacting factors were associated with enrollment among the eligible referrals (N=114).

Results: Hispanic individuals were more likely to be referred from inpatient or outpatient mental health providers and not from other community sources. Among eligible Hispanic referrals, those who lived in areas with a lower percentage of Spanish speaking in the home were more likely to enroll in services, compared with those who lived in areas with a higher percentage of Spanish speaking.

Conclusions: Continued exploration of factors associated with referral and enrollment in CSC programs for the growing Hispanic ethnic group in the United States can help determine best steps for developing these programs.


Poster presented at the Brain & Behavioral Health Research Day 2021



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