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Survivors of brain injuries such as stroke and trauma often endure life-long disabilities, which span a spectrum of deficits and are associated with enormous individual and societal costs. There is an urgent need to develop effective interventions that can improve cognitive and motor outcomes, especially individualized approaches that target specific disruptions of brain physiology or circuits. The Center for Brain Recovery and Repair (CBRR) is a Center of Biomedical Research Excellence (NIH/NIGMS P20 GM109089; PI: Shuttleworth) established as an interdisciplinary community of clinical and preclinical investigators to address these issues. The Clinical Core is an ideally-situated brain injury research hub, with state-of-the-science neuropsychological, electrophysiological and neuroimaging instrumentation to measure brain injury function and novel neurostimulation technologies for studies of brain injury recovery and repair. The Clinical Core provides expert guidance in research design and methods, critical support for patient recruitment, data collection and management to ensure reliability and reproducibility of results, and assistance with regulatory compliance using Good Clinical Practices. Collectively, this platform has unleashed the brain injury research potential at UNM to improve the outcomes of individuals with brain injuries. The Clinical Core has succeeded in propelling our young, promising investigators to independent research funding status and is now established as a national leader in research applying innovative neuromodulation approaches to therapeutically target and alter specific neural circuitries in individuals with neurological conditions. As the CBRR enters into Phase 2, the vision and goals are to continue to provide a collaborative and innovative research hub, intensive mentoring and state of the art resources in order to support interdisciplinary research programs and develop creative and innovative state-wide systems of care that ultimately benefit the large number of New Mexicans and their families living with the consequences of debilitating brain injuries.


Poster presented at the Brain & Behavioral Health Research Day 2021



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