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This novel study investigates cognitive processing by way of auditory event-related potentials in neonates who are undergoing a clinical EEG as part of their care in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Auditory event-related potentials (AERPs) have been infrequently gathered in neonates and remain a limited studied age group in EEG literature. Within the small community of researchers who have gathered neonatal ERPs, most have been collected on healthy term neonates. This ongoing study continues to assess AERPs in neonates who are undergoing a clinical EEG and compare the response from those who have a normal EEG background, to the response from those who have an abnormal EEG background. We added novel research on the effects of therapeutic cooling on cognitive processing by running the paradigm on the neonates while they were on the cooling protocol, and again once they were rewarmed.

Preliminary analysis has demonstrated individual differences in cognitive processing between the cooled and rewarmed neonates. With further analysis on the way.



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