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This is a biography of Boaz Walton Long, from his birth on September 27, 1876, in Warsaw, Indiana, to his departure from the State Department, February 1, 1922. It describes some of the influences that shaped his character and draws on his diaries and correspondence to follow his progress through school to his first business venture in Mexico. There he made the acquaintance of Porfirio Díaz and experienced the trauma of the early phases of the Mexican Revolution. His father's friendship with Thomas R. Marshall led to an appointment in the State Department under William Jennings Bryan, as Chief of the Latin American Division, May 1913 to August 1914. He was then appointed minister to El Salvador. He served as chief of aides during the second Pan American Scientific Congress held in Washington in December 1915. Returning to El Salvador, he did relief work following the earthquake of June 7, 1917. He represented the Secretary of State as mediator in the Honduran-Guatemalan boundary dispute in 1918, and in December 1919 he was appointed minister to Cuba where he served until June 1921. He left the State Department in February 1922.

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