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This thesis presents a brief history of the dispute concerning the Chamizal tract in such a manner as to point out particularly its legal relationship to the overall trend of affairs affecting the Mexican­American boundary from 1823 up until 1971. The format utilized is somewhat that of a legal brief, beginning with Mexico’s acknowledgement of Stephen Austin’s Texas grant and going from that point through a descriptive analysis of those events leading up to and sustaining the Chamizal dispute for practically one hundred years. The study ends with those events that implemented the Chamizal Convention of 1964. The conclusion suggests that Mexican-American relations are not properly to be seen as a struggle between right vs wrong, but rather as an amoral conflict of two separate and distinct nationalistic ideologies springing from diverse cultural origins that either cooperate or do not according to a balance of the personal Weltanschauung of those multitudinous human actors involved in the legalistic maze of Western life.

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