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This thesis deals with Spanish Indian policy and its implementation in New Mexico during the governorships of Juan Bautista de Anza (1778-1787) and Fernando de la Concha (1787-1794). The Indian tribes involved are those which lived on the frontiers of New Mexico--the Comanches, Utes, Navahos, and Apaches. The establishment of the Commandancy General of the Internal Provinces in 1776 marked a new administrative set up to defend the Internal Provinces against Indian attacks, and the periods of Anza and Concha saw the full development of defensive measures in New Mexico. The Spandiards' immediate objective was pacification of the interior provinces; hence, altruistic desires of Christianizing the frontier Indians were subordinated to the first goal. Spanish program was decidedly secular. The documentary materials used in this study are on microfilm located in the Coronado Library of the University of New Mexico, the Bancroft Library of the University of California, and the personal library of Dr. Donald C. Cutter of the University of New Mexico. The writer thanks the Bancroft Library and Dr. Cutter for graciously lending him several microfilms of documents permanently lodged in Spanish archives. All published sources used are located in the Zimmerman Library of the University of New Mexico.

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