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Despite the amount of research conducted on the accomplishments of Dennis Chavez, U.S. Senator from New Mexico, little in known about his activities in Latin America. Most of the studies completed to date focus on Chavezs domestic accomplishments, creating an image of a man who primarily focused on New Mexico issues. This study seeks to expand the image of Dennis Chavez to incorporate his exploits in Latin America through an analysis of documents located in his papers, the Congressional Record, and various periodicals. An analysis of the available documentation reveals that Dennis Chavez created a vision that the entire Western Hemisphere would be united as allies, trading partners, and neighbors based on the ideals of the Good Neighbor Policy. From the mid 1930's to his death in 1962, Dennis Chavez used the tenets of Inter-American Solidarity under the Good Neighbor Policy as a template for his vision of United States and Latin American relations. Dennis Chavez's rhetoric changed during the years leading up to World War II, during World War II, and Cold War periods, but his vision of a united Western Hemisphere remained the same. However, despite his efforts in Latin America, Chavez failed to make any significant changes in United States-Latin American relations, leaving behind small success and an incomplete vision. In combing through his papers, Congressional records, State Department records, and memoirs, this project will contribute to the ongoing scholarly dialogue on Dennis Chavez.

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