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Studies on women in modern society are continually increasing everywhere. Historians, social scientists, economists are focusing on the role of the woman in the modern world. In Latin America, the implications of old stereotypes are confronted with new patterns and ideas originated in more developed countries. While these confrontations seem pertinent and intellectually fruitful, the particular situation of women in each country needs to be reviewed. The causes of the current situation lie in the traditional image of women's role. So is the case of Argentina. In spite of the fact that several articles and books have recently been published and some dissertations written on this subject, I have not found a study on the evolution of the image of women in Argentina. Accordingly, I did so in this thesis.

I analyze the image and the reality of Argentine women from 1810 (the year of the "Revolución de Mayo") to 1920, in order to establish her real situation as confronted with her traditional image. I have studied the economic and social aspects of Argentine women, their educational and cultural evolution and their political aspects. I have confronted my findings with statistical, biographic and cultural information.

This thesis is intended to provide a background for the understanding of the role of women in modern Argentina. Specific information on socio-economic, cultural and political situation of women in Argentina is provided.

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