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Conflict is the inevitable result of a situation in which there is a large demand for water which is in short supply. And the Upper Basin of the Colorado River today offers no exception to that rule. The Eastern boundary of this Basin is the Continental Divide, meaning that water flowing on the eastern side of the divide will flow into the Atlantic Ocean and that west of it will flow into the Pacific. Each side of the Continental divide is hen divided into different river basins, the waters of which do not mingle because of the mountain barriers. Water can be used within these basins and often after use excess water returns to the soil and streams to be used further downstream. This water is known as return flow and percolated water. Its use the second time may not be the same as the first because water is not as pure as before. For example, it may be need upstream as drinking water and downstream as irrigation or industrial water. But the important fact is that it can be reused. If it is diverted out of the basin there will be no return flow and reuse.

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