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Fall 11-17-1967



In December 1923 Adolfo de la Huerta led a rebellion against the government of President Alvaro Obregón. It lasted into the last three months of 1924 and culminated in the total defeat of the rebels. The United States at once came to the support of Obregón and sided his government with munitions shipments, an embargo on arms against the rebels, naval demonstrations aimed at frustrating the naval operations of the rebels, and diplomatic services and support.

The main focus of this study is the position and participation of the United States in the la Huerta rebellion. It is not intended to discuss in any detail the conflict within Mexico itself. In order, however, to acquaint the reader with background material, Chapters 1 and 2 have been incorporated into the text, with the hope that a better understanding of the role played by the United States in the rebellion might result.

One problem that affected the quality of this study was the desirability of using Mexican newspapers; but they are unavailable through interlibrary loan for the period needed. They would have been of considerable help in gathering reactions to the participation of the United States. This would, however, seem to imply that the subject covered in this paper could be vastly expanded upon, in all its areas, be research undertaken in Mexican archives. It would appear to be prime dissertation material.

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