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Summer 7-12-2019


Saint Wilfrid of York was a Northumbrian bishop, abbot, and missionary. He was born in 634 and died in 709/710. His life was characterized by his landholdings that spanned territories and kingdoms, his enduring persistence to remain bishop, his monastic empire, his hostile relationships with kings, his powerful friends and supporters, and his resistance in the face of adversity. Wilfrid’s achievements were remarkable for a seventh-century bishop – a bishop deserving of recognition for his lasting impact on England. By closely examining the sources, this thesis analyzes Wilfrid’s tumultuous life and career in the form of his landholdings, his trips to the Continent, and his role in the developing secular and ecclesiastical tensions of the day to suggest that the growth and development of Christianity across the landscape of England would not have been so successful without him, despite his controversial nature.

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Wilfrid, England, York, Bede, Stephen, Ripon, Hexham, Merovingian, Gaul

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