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Secretary of State Hughes had charge of the foreign relations of the United States during the years 1921 to 1925. The diplomatic problems involved in concluding peace with Germany and her allies following World War I, in bringing about a limitation of armaments by the major world powers, and in seeking to adjust vital issues in the Far East and the Pacific area overshadowed, in the diplomatic correspondence of the State Department, the significance of United States­ Nicaraguan relations. American historians, moreover, in writ­ing about Nicaragua, have been disposed to slight the period 1921-1925. Nevertheless, State Department policies in Nicaragua formed an integral part of United States-Latin American relations and need to be considered in viewing Ameri­can diplomacy in its entirety. The purpose of this study, therefore, has been to present Hughes' Nicaraguan policy in some detail in order to bridge the gap in the story of United States-Nicaraguan diplomatic relations.

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