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Sebastian was the only child of João, Crown Prince of Portugal, and Juana, sister of Philip II of Spain. Prince João, always a sickly child and youth, died eighteen days before the birth of his son on January 20, 1554; and Doña Juana soon returned to Castile, leaving her five month old son under the guardianship of his grandparents, João III and Queen Catarina of Portugal. After the death of João III in 1557, Sebastian was crowned King of Portugal. His grandmother was to serve as regent until he reached the age of twenty. In 1562, however, Queen Catarina persuaded her brother-in-law, Cardinal Henrique, to assume the duties of regent so that she could retire to a convent and spend the last days of her life free from the responsibilities of government. Cardinal Henrique served as regent until Sebastian's fourteenth birthday, at which time the young king was given full governing power.

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