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If the ranchers of the eighties and nineties were to return now, they would find a vastly changed country. No longer is it an area of large ranches and open ranges. The barbed wire and the "nester" have triumphed. It is now a farming country built around Clovis, the county seat. Clovis has grown from a railroad switch to a town of approximately eight thousand population. Paved roads run across the county in the place of the cow trails. There has been no "boom" period for the county, but years of consistent growth. Not all the years have been good ones and not all the people have prospered, but steadily, advancement has been made. Truly the ranchers of the early days would find vast changes and no doubt many of these "old timers" would dubiously shake their heads and say, "Not like the good old days." This point the author has no intention of affirming or disputing. This paper has been only an attempt to represent in the best manner he could, facts pertinent to the history of Curry county.

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