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Summer 7-12-2017


Not Your Mother’s PTA: Women’s Political Activism in Twentieth-Century America provides the first in-depth study of women’s political activism in the National PTA and its local PTA units. It closely examines how women integrated themselves and their ideas on women’s and children’s welfare reform into government from the 1890s through the 1970s. This project explores the resources, strategies, and methods used by PTA women working for women and children’s interests at the local and national level, primarily in public schools and government agencies. Not Your Mother’s PTA challenges the subtext of the PTA mother/housewife and shows how women used the language and identity of motherhood and later parenthood to expand women’s role in government, increase women’s political activism, and its ability to sustain a Progressive-era, female-led maternalist organization in the face of transformative social, economic, and racial changes in the twentieth century.

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Dr. Cathleen D. Cahill

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Dr. Michelle Nickerson

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Dr. Andrew Sandoval-Strausz

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Dr. Virginia Scharff

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Dr. Jason Scott Smith




parent-teacher association, public education, women's politics, public schools, community organization

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