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Summer 6-6-1952


The intention of this study is to demonstrate the nature of miracles in New Mexico&mdashtheir social significances as related to the cultural background.

Questions of importance are: What is a miracle? Do miracles actually occur? How can the existence of such miraculous intervention be proved? None of these queries can be answered positively, except insofar as they exist in the minds and religions of those who believe in them. Objectively, the social activities of believers is evidenced in their beliefs. Miracles are part of the social customs and institutions. Whatever substantiation of a miracle there is must rest with the recorded knowledge available insofar as this study is concerned. Only the material which seems to bear directly upon the social problem will be included herein. No attempt will be made to evaluate the validity of the Christian's reaction to miracles through his experience of revealed truth. This is beyond the scope of social phenomena subject to objective evidence.

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George Winston Smith

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James Spencer Russell

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John Edward Longhurst




Miracles, New Mexico, Catholicism, Indigenous Nations, Hispanic Population

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