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Spring 2-12-1942


In a study of New Mexico's efforts to win statehood, the joint statehood period (1903 to 1907) presents unusual interest. It was during these years that an attempt was made on the part of the administration and certain congressional leaders to unite New Mexico and Arizona and admit them as one state. The period is a distinct episode in the struggle of New Mexico for admission in the union.

It is the purpose of this paper to trace the story of jointure, to discuss the origin of the policy, and to analyze the arguments of the opposing factions. Frequent reference has been made to press comment throughout the nation, since newspapers reflect with some degree of accuracy the sentiments of the areas in which they serve. The reaction of the territories, mirrored in the press, is of special significance because in the end the opinions of the citizens, expressed at the polls, determine the future course of history for New Mexico and Arizona.

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New Mexico History, Arizona History, Statehood, Politics, Foraker Amendment

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