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Summer 6-7-1962


During a critical decade (1673-1683) in the history of colonial New Mexico Friar Francisco de Ayeta, a Franciscan friar, performed outstanding service to the Spanish Crown in and for this isolated province on the northern frontier of New Spain. With considerable justice it may be said the Ayeta's adroit presentation of the interests of the colony at the viceregal court in Mexico City, his skillful management of the caravans which conveyed urgently needed supplies and reinforcement from New Spain, and his timely council and prompt actions in time of emergency were in large measure responsible for preventing the complete abandonment of New Mexico following the Pueblo Revolt in 1860. It is the purpose of this thesis to describe in detail and evaluate the career of Father Ayeta in the service of New Mexico during the years immediately preceding and following the Pueblo "War for Independence."

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France Vinton Scholes

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Friar Francisco de Ayeta, Pueblo Revolt, New Spain, Reconquest, New Mexico

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