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Spring 4-23-1960


The intent of this thesis is to examine the activities of the South Atlantic Blockading Squadron in its joint operations and maintenance of the blockade, to consider to problems involved, and to evaluate the results. For the purpose of this study, a period of time has been chosen which covers approximately the last two years of the war, from July 1863 to April 1865. There are several reasons for limiting the study to this period of time. To begin with, an attempt to cover the activities of the squadron during the entire war would be too ambitious an undertaking for a thesis. In addition, from July of 1863, Admiral John A. Dahlgren was in command of the squadron, and by limiting the study to his tenure in command, a degree of unity is achieved. During the last two years of the war, the blockade and blockade running both reached a peak, and we are able to study the squadron during its most active period. There were, of course, important events in the early years of the war which had an important bearing on the later activities of the squadron, and for this reason an introductory chapter covering naval events prior to July of 1863 has been included.

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George Winston Smith

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Admiral John A. Dahlgren, Civil War, Confederate Navy, South Atlantic Blockading Squadron

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