Volume 9, Issue 1 (2016)

Editor's Introduction to Special Edition

For this special volume, the journal issued a thematic call for papers that asked scholars to investigate issues in visual culture that involve navigating political, cultural, and ideological borders. We asked scholars to consider migrations and ambulatory movements such as long marches and pilgrimages, whether ritual, activist, or impromptu. We were particularly interested in how scholars might reveal the ways in which movement and migration can reflect, embody, or critique ideology within visual culture. With our broad request we hoped that scholars would challenge the demarcations of geopolitical and ideological borders and their effects on cultural discourses. We are pleased that the work gathered in this volume, Walk This Way: Migrations & Geographies of Knowledge, considers migrations across landscapes and borders as both metaphor and framework for intellectual and ideological "migrations."

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Chief Editor
Maxine Marks, PhD Student
Editorial Committee
Jana Gottshalk, MA Student
Jessica Hubbard Marr, PhD Student
Ryuichi Nakayama, PhD Student
Breanna Reiss, MA Student
Rebecca Weinstock, PhD Student
Faculty Advisor
Ray Hernández Durán, PhD, Associate Professor