Hemisphere is an annual publication produced by graduate students affiliated with the Department of Art and Art History at the University of New Mexico (UNM). Hemisphere provides a forum for graduate students to present scholarship and studio practice pertaining to all aspects and time periods of the visual and material cultures of North, Central, and South America, and related world contexts. Through the production of Hemisphere students promote their educational and professional interests as they gain first-hand experience in academic publishing. Although the inaugural issue highlighted essays, reviews, and artwork by graduate students from the Department of Art and Art History at UNM, subsequent editions consist of work submitted by graduate students at other universities in the United States. The journal welcomes and will continue to accept submissions from authors at other institutions in and outside of the United States.

Current Issue: Volume 13, Issue 1 (2020) Cartographic Infrastructures: Mapping and the Graphic Arts in the Americas


Greetings and welcome to Hemisphere: Visual Cultures of the Americas, volume 13. The editorial committee released this issue cognizant that the lives of our readers, contributors, and the lives of everyone in their respective communities, continue to be impacted by the compounded events related to Covid-19; state-sanctioned and extrajudicial violence against Black and Indigenous people; protracted unemployment, and exploitation of graduate student labor. These untenable conditions resulted in new and renewed calls for action, mutual aid, and unionization. This issue began to take shape a year ago prior to the onset of pandemic conditions. In continuing with the publication, we hope that it contributes to the conversation regarding the ways artists, critics, and historians work to create, recreate, or resist capitalist, colonialist, and racist infrastructures.

Front Matter




Introduction to Volume XIII
Laura Golobish, Andrea Quijada, Amy C. Hulshoff, Eleanor Kane, Breanna Reiss, and Jeannette Martinez


Artist Spotlight
Ben Schoenburg

Chief Editor

Laura M. Golobish, PhD Candidate


Amy C. Hulshoff, PhD Candidate

Eleanor Kane, PhD Student

Jeanette Martinez, PhD Student

Andrea Quijada, PhD Candidate

Breanna Reiss, PhD Student