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Submissions from 2008


Aflorisme, Florentin Smarandache

Submissions from 2007


Minority Student Success in Nursing Education, Marjorie Campbell

2004 Ojo Experience 2 Followup, Jean Martinez-Welles

2004 UNM-G Solar Cooking Demonstrations, Jean Martinez-Welles

2005 Tucson Solar Cooking Potluck, Jean Martinez-Welles

2007 Solar Oven Demonstration at NMSEA, Jean Martinez-Welles


Changing Woman and Yeshe Tsogyel: A comparison of Womens Roles in Din4 and Tibetan Tantra Buddhist Traditions', Jean Martinez-Welles

Presentation: Solar Cooking for Health, Jean Martinez-Welles


The Sun, Jean Martinez-Welles

Submissions from 2005


Appendix 1. Becker & Agreda - Bird Assemblages in Garua Forests, C. Dustin Becker and Ana Agreda

Protecting Cloud Forest Biodiversity in Western Ecuador, Dusti Becker

Submissions from 2002


The Aesthetics of Paradoxism (Second Edition), Titu Popescu, P. Georgelin, Florentin Smarandache, and L. Popescu

Submissions from 1998


Afinitati (traduceri din lirica universala), Florentin Smarandache