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Spring 4-19-2023


For marginalized communities, such as women and queer individuals, survival in their environment has always been a matter of adapting to social norms and expectations. However, the challenges have become even more complex in the face of climate change and environmental catastrophes, which often affect these communities disproportionately. While modern dystopian stories often evoke eco-anxiety by portraying societies at the mercy of their environment, Michelle Tea and Wendy Delorme have found an opportunity to break free from societal norms and heteronormative expectations in the speculative worlds they create in Black Wave (2015) and Viendra le temps du feu (2021), respectively. The end of the world as we know it becomes a space for renewal where queer individuals can explore their identity without the pressure of societal constraints. In this way, the very destruction that brings death and despair also offers an escape and a source of hope for those who do not fit into the heteronormative world.


Dystopia, heteronormativity, eco-anxiety, queer, feminist

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Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies

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Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures

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