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Spring 4-14-2023


This research is titled On the Aesthetics of Resistance in Afro-German Theater: A Case Study of Olumide Popoola's Also by mail. The main purpose of this research is to show how Afro-German theater resists through creative processes on a symbolic and aesthetic level to address crucial challenges faced by the black minority in Germany. The play Also by mail by Nigerian-German playwright Olumide Popoola is an interesting example of this, as it is situated at the intersection of gender, race, and identity. Popoola’s engagement with the aesthetics of resistance provides a way to understand how Afro-German activism today uses the performative arts and incorporates them into its ideological struggle. On a methodological level, this research involves identifying the symbols of resistance in the play, then analyzing and subsequently interpreting their pragmatics. This research has led to the following results: Tied to transnational and transcultural trends, the idea of resistance is fundamental in the play Also by mail. This can be seen on the linguistic, intertextual, musical, thematic, editorial, and dramaturgical levels, and in the constellation of characters.


Afro-deutsches Theater, Ästhetik des Widerstands, Identität, Olumide Popoola


University of New Mexico

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German Studies

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Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures

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