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Spring 2023


Fluvial packages are the hypothetical groupings of facies that make up the fluvial succession consisting of channel belt sandstones and associated levee, floodplain, and avulsion deposits. This study attempted to describe a single fluvial package laterally using the new technologies of UAV imaging and 3D photogrammetry; however, amalgamation of channel belts and erosion from this amalgamation made long-distance lateral correlation difficult. This analysis of medial deposits in the Nacimiento Formation in the Angel Peak Area, Northwestern New Mexico evaluates the degree of amalgamation of fluvial packages across the study area while identifying facies associated with the hypothetical fluvial package. This study found vertical distances between sandstone tops varying from 1-3 meters, indicating limited accommodation available between fluvial package deposition. Limited accommodation during deposition likely forced more sediment down fan, actively by-passing the medial area. This limits the fine-grained facies that are preserved and causes the amalgamation observed between channel belt sandstones.

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Earth and Planetary Sciences

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Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences

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Dr. Gary Weissmann

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Dr. Jason Moore

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Dr. Peter Fawcett




Amalgamation, fluvial sedimentology, DFS, distributive fluvial systems, Nacimiento Formation, San Juan Basin

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