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Summer 7-13-2022


Clinopyroxene is not only an important mineral phase in the pyrolitic upper mantle, but also one of the dominated mineral phases in the subducted or delaminated eclogitic materials in the deep Earth. Identifying and locating these eclogitic materials requires the knowledge of the thermoelastic properties of clinopyroxene under high pressure-temperature conditions. In this dissertation, we have measured the single-crystal elastic properties of jadeite and omphacite, which are major clinopyroxene phases in the eclogitic materials, up to 18 GPa 700 K by Brillouin spectroscopy and utilized these data to identify the eclogitic heterogeneities in the mantle.

We also measured the viscosity of kimberlite magma, which carries eclogite xenoliths, diamonds, and other deep mantle phases to the Earth’s surface through an ultra-fast eruption trajectory. We found the viscosity of volatile-rich kimberlite magma is extremely low under high pressure-temperature conditions and utilized these data to model the kimberlite magma ascent and eruption process.

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Earth and Planetary Sciences

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Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences

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Jin Zhang

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Brandon Schmandt

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Adrian Brearley

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Joshua P. Townsend

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Przemek Dera

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