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Summer 7-13-2022


This dissertation presents the advances in non-traditional isotope geochemistry of planetary and terrestrial materials encompassing chlorine, sulfur, and zinc isotopes, as well as halogen geochemistry. A wide breadth of materials was studied throughout the completion of this work including iron meteorites, achondrites, chondrites, Apollo lunar samples, as well ancient marine chert, and carbonate sediments. Much of the focus involved the development of a method capable of simultaneously measuring the halogen contents and chlorine isotope compositions of geological materials. Here, I present these data sets to broadly characterize the process of devolatilization of planetary materials, and specifically the problem of ‘halogen-poisoning’ during planetary evolution wherein an overabundance of halogen elements would lead to highly saline planetary water reservoirs. The characterization of this problem encompasses several representative materials at different periods during the solar system’s evolution beginning with chondrites and achondrites, followed by lunar samples, and lastly, marine sediments.

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Earth and Planetary Sciences

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Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences

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Zachary Sharp

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Justin Simon

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Charles Shearer

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Adrian Brearley

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James Day

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halogen, geochemistry, stable isotopes, volatiles, planetary science, chondrites

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