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The discovery of an extension into the Cedro Canyon area, in the northern Manzanita Mountains, Bernalillo County, New Mexico, of strata similar in lithology and stratigraphic position to known pre-Pennsylvanian rocks of nearby areas is included in this report. No diagnostic fossils have been found in these newly discovered strata and therefore definite age assignment can not be made.

The Pennsylvanian strata are dominantly marine and exhibit unusual lighologic variations. These variations are attributed to the environment of a transgressing sea on an unstable shelf.

Measured sections indicate that it is possible to subdivide these strata according to series on the basis of practices applied in the Midcontinent region. The strata can be conveniently subdivided into three series: Des Moinesian, Missourian, and Virgilian. The existence of possible early Pennsylvanian rocks (Morrowan and Lampasan) can not be ascertained. The subdivision is based largely upon the first appearance of certain diagnostic fossils.

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