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The Jicarilla Mountains in west-central Lincoln County, New Mexico, consist of Permian, Triassic, and Cretaceous sediments intruded by Tertiary sills, dikes, laccoliths, and stocks. The upper 50 feet of the Yeso Formation is exposed and is conformably overlain by the San Andres Formation which consists of the lower Sandstone, and middle Limestone, and upper Gypsum members. The Permian Artesia Formation, which is about 300 feet thick, unconformably overlies the Gypsum member. Unconformably overlying the Artesia Formation is a 200-foot section of the Triassic Santa Rosa Formation. The boundary between the Santa Rosa Formation and the overlying Chinle Formation is gradational. Unconformably overlying most of these formations are Tertiary stream deposits which are of Pliocene (?) age and are up to 50 feet thick.

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