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Winter 1-1-1936


Inorganic bodies known as minerals make up, either in whole rock-masses or in isolated form, the material of the upper crust of the earth. Through the evidence furnished by this study of meteorites, we also infer that other bodies in the universe are made up of minerals, or at least those portions of them which are represented by meteorites.

Since minerals are, then, important in making up the observable part of the earth, a study of them is importance in any study of the earth. Because the variety of minerals occurring in New Mexico is large, it will be of interest to all students of nature to consider them in some detail. It is the purpose of the present work acquaint the reader with the types of minerals found in the State, and to present the amateur and professional collector with information regarding localities where these minerals may be found, and with criteria for their identification. It is to be hoped that this paper may also be of some use as a very elementary textbook of general mineralogy for the beginner.

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Earth and Planetary Sciences

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Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences

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Stuart Alvord Northrop

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John D. Clark

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R. Wellis




New Mexico, Mineralogy, Chemical Mineralogy, Crystallography, Descriptive Mineralogy

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