Earth and Planetary Sciences ETDs

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Spring 3-24-1949


This study was undertaken with the foremost objective of determining the stratigraphy and structure of the area, and correlating it with known surrounding areas.

The method of study was through geologic mapping in the field. The formational contacts, faults and other features were studied in the field with the aid of aerial photographs. The sections were measured in the field by hand-leveling with a Brunton compass up across the exposures. The lithology of the formations was studied as the sections were measured. The base map was taken from a planimetric map prepared by the Soil Conservation Service from aerial photos.

This work was begun at the start of the 1947-48 school year, and was carried on throughout the academic year. The study was completed during semester one of the following school year, 1948-49.

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Earth and Planetary Sciences

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Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences

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Vincent Cooper Kelley

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Carl Wellington Beck

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Sherman Alexander Wengerd




Hagan Coal Basin, New Mexico, Abo Formation, Yeso Formation, San Andres Formation, Entrada Sandstone, Todilto Formation, Morrison Formation, Dakota Sandstone, Mancos Formation, Mesaverde Formation, Galisteo Formation

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Hagan Coal Basin, Sandoval County, New Mexico