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Jerry Harbour

Publication Date

Spring 4-7-1958


The purpose of the study has been to interpret the sedimentary record of the Lucy site deposits in order to establish a climatic sequence into which various cultural zones, especially the Sandia, may be placed, and to date this climatic sequence as accurately as possible. A second purpose has been to establish the reliability of the Pleistocene Lake Estancia shore levels as a regional floating chronology of climatic events, and to correlate the Lucy site sediments with this regional chronology. By means of the Lucy site artifacts, this chronology is partly fixed in time, so as a result of the importance and significance of this regional chronology, considerable space in this report is devoted to a discussion and interpretations of the Lake Estancia shore levels which have left their marks very near the Lucy site.

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Earth and Planetary Sciences

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Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences

First Committee Member (Chair)

Sherman Alexander Wengerd

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Roger Yates Anderson

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Stuart Alvord Northrop

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New Mexico Geological Society, United States Geological Survey




Lucy Site, Estancia Basin, Lake Estancia, Climatology, Sandia Cave, Climatic Dating

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Harbour_FENCE_DIAGRAM_FINAL.jpg (27412 kB)
Fence Diagram of the Lucy Site Stratigraphy

HARBOUR_FIGURE_2_FINAL.pdf (584437 kB)
Map of Lucy Site Area, Showing Pleistocene Lake Estancia Shore Levels