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The overall purpose of studying the Quaternary geology of Chaco Canyon is to develop an understanding of how the geomorphic system in the Chaco drainage evolved and how it presently operates. This dissertation has several subsidiary purposes; (1) to describe and relate modern sedimentary features and facies (which are likely to be preserved in the alluvial fill of the canyon) to modern geomorphic processes, (2) to use the results from the study of modern sediments to interpret exposures of alluvium in Chaco Canyon in order to reconstruct past environments, (3) to develop conceptual models of the geologic subsystems of the canyon, (4) to establish a tentative sequence of erosional and depositional events in Chaco Canyon and (5) to indicate methods for more precise evaluations of environmental reconstructions.

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Earth and Planetary Sciences

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Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences

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Stephen G. Wells

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Raymond V. Ingersoll

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Lee A. Woodward

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Roger Y. Anderson

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C.T. Siemers

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New Mexico Geological Society, UNM Student Research Allocations Committee



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