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This thesis gives a history of the terminology of each of the formations found in the Mud Springs Mountains as well as a discussion of the characteristics of each. The Mud Springs Mountains Section of Paleozoic rocks is 3660 feet thick. Parts of all the Paleozoic systems are represented except the Silurian and Mississippian. The Bliss sandstone is 145 feet thick, the lower 65 feet being late Cambrian and the upper 80 feet being early Ordovician. The El Paso limestone of early Ordovician age is 460 feet thick.

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Earth and Planetary Sciences

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Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences

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Stuart Alvord Northrop

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J. Paul Fitzsimmons

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Vincent Cooper Kelley



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HILL_FIGURE_1_Final.pdf (585594 kB)
Index Map of Sierra County, New Mexico

HILL_FIGURE_2_Final.pdf (741213 kB)
Geologic Map and Structure Sections of Mud Springs Mountains, New Mexico

HILL_FIGURE_3_Final.pdf (587777 kB)
Columnar Sections