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Twelve samples from Kohala volcano, Hawaii, were selected for chemical analyses and electron microprobe study. Seven of the samples are from the Polulu volcanic series. Three of the samples are tholeiitic basalts, two are oceanites, and two are alkali olivine basalts transitional to hawaiite. The five samples from the Hawi volcanic series include one hawaiite, two mugearites, and two benmoreites. Electron microprobe study of the minerals in the basaltic matrix of the two oceanites reveal that one of the oceanites was derived from a tholeiitic magma while the other was derived from an alkalic magma. The alkalic oceanite matrix is characterized by the presence of high Ca clinopyroxene, low forsterite groundmass olivine, and interstitial material of anorthoclase composition. The matrix of the tholeiitic oceanite is characterized by the presence of low Ca clinopyroxenes and groundmass grains of plagioclase high in anorthite content.

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