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It is my belief that every creative act must stand or fall on its intrinsic merits without recourse to props or other would-be aids that anyone of authority or otherwise, might attempt to supply. After the fact of creation the only legitimate manner by which the author may attempt to strengthen his work is by revision. He may, if he so desires, use footnotes or appendices or introductions to explain what he is attempting to do or say in his work. He has no right to attempt to force the reader to accept or agree with what the author hopes he has said in his work. The poem or story must speak for itself. I make no claims that the poems in this volume are great works of art; I do, however, claim that if they make any pretense to being worth reading, this claim must be supported by the poems themselves and not by any word I may write in this introduction. The poems must stand or fall solely on their intrinsic merit. If what they have to say is not worth saying, or is said in a dull or unintelligible manner, let them be forgotten.

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