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This collection of creative nonfiction includes reflective personal essays in three parts. The first part deals loosely with my efforts to assert, define, and interrogate my sense of identity dealing primarily with childhood/adolescent experiences and reflections on my parents. The second part is dedicated to impressions from various international travel experiences, a fixation on my need for these to have some kind of meaning, my desire to understand why I travel, and my general dissatisfaction with that approach. The third part is more of an examination of where those other two parts leave me—given these contradictions, imperfections, and ongoing questioning, how to do operate at home (Albuquerque)? How do I come to terms with myself and function as a creative person? How do I balance a desire to both engage and retreat from the world? The collection investigates lyric and associative meaning through reflection and self examination.

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MFA Creative Writing

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Rapp, Emily

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Worden, Daniel

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Mueller, Daniel




creative nonfiction, essay collection

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Available for download on Friday, May 11, 2114