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In the days following the attacks of September 11th, 2001, writers of fiction and non-fiction, poets, and screenwriters struggled with how and when to put to use their craft as a way to, not only express their feelings about the event, but to do their part' to help assuage the grief felt by the nation and the world. The resultant works seemed to point toward a new literary mini-genre—Post-9/11 literature. The critical preface both coins an acronym for this literature—PoNE (for Post-Nine Eleven) and establishes a working definition of the mini-genre as 'a realist-based literature that is primarily marked by a strong use of a 'pre-packaged' central image; that deals with the emotional and psychological toll on the survivors of 9/11—both those who escaped, and the families/loved ones of the same; and finally, that is marked by an inherent tension resulting from waiting for the other shoe to drop.' The preface examines early instances of PoNE literature, including the hastily-created hand-written 'Have You Seen Me?' posters, early short published responses by established writers, journalists and poets, novels, films, and even the government-funded 9/11 Commission Report. From this analysis, a definition of Post-9/11 literature is developed. In the second part of the dissertation, an original novel, titled A Falling Sky, is presented. The novel, an example of Post-9/11 literature uses many of the hallmarks of the mini-genre including that of prepackaged images from the days surrounding the September 11th, 2001attacks.'

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"September 11 Terrorist Attacks, 2001 -- Fiction"

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