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The Domain of the Marvelous is a three-part collection of poetry. The first part, The Encounter of the Umbrella,' contains poems told as if dream stories, happening outside the realm of an identifiable speaker. Strangeness or absurdity with emotional regulation. These poems are rely heavily on imagery and often reflect a surreal playfulness as if resulting from surrealist word games such as Exquisite Corpse. The second section, 'Poetry is a Pipe, the innocent eye,' a more speaker begins to make various appearances. Many experiments with form including abecedarian, flush right margin, pseudo-sonnet, experiments with margins and image including found equation. 'The Game of Truth,' consists of poems that begin to explore larger themes including relationships, and the human experience such as fear, love, death, madness, and sexuality. Truth is questioned, the truth of perception, what is the truth of reality, what is the truth of this emotional experience. The three sections serve as three legs of a somewhat surreal journey. Distance, experiment, examination of truth. The preface explores influences on my writing, including Bugs Bunny cartoons and old Abbott and Costello routines. There is a close examination of four contemporary poets who I consider most influential in my work: by D.A. Powell, Dean Young, Matthea Harvey, Atsuro Riley. The preface finishes with a discussion of my own work as culmination of influences previously mentioned.'

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MFA Creative Writing

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Beeder, Amy

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Martin, Greg

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Harvey, Matthea




Poetry -- 21st century

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Available for download on Monday, December 14, 2111