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Fall 12-16-2023


The Idyll is a dystopian science fiction novel about a young man from Earth getting involved with the quest of an extraterrestrial sect of aliens, who travel the universe to rob planets of their ability to sustain life in pursuit of power and immortality. It is also a story about the concepts of ‘home,’ ‘identity’ and ‘utopia.’ As well, it is an homage to the science fiction, fantasy, and horror novels that I read while growing up and what I wish I could have found on the shelf of the library while I was in the painful jaws of adolescence. At the end of the work, I’d like the reader to come away with questions about the groups and societies that they are a part of, reflect on how those societies practice exclusion, and think about the chain of responsibility that rules their lives. My personal ambition for this project is to write something that resonates with today’s climate of political corruption, human rights debates, and environmental concerns, while remaining fun. This goal will allow me to embody the spirit of the origins of science fiction, while modernizing and writing the story in my own voice.

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MFA Creative Writing

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Andrew Bourelle

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Lisa Chavez

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Daniel Mueller

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Izzy Wasserstein



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