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Summer 8-1-2023


An Infinite Number of Things is a short story collection that explores a family guided by faith in Chicago. The manuscript contains multiple generations and voices reckoning with what it means to be a family when a mother’s commitment to her faith renders her inaccessible to her husband, daughters, and son. It explores what it means to grow up under those circumstances and the void people must fill in their lives to make being alive and in community worth an effort. Through these characters I hope people will see what we fill our lives with in order to make meaning and sense of ourselves.

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MFA Creative Writing

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First Committee Member (Chair)

Gregory Martin

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Lisa D. Chavez

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Dr. Jesus Constantino

Fourth Committee Member

Dan Stolar

Fifth Committee Member

Muriel Leung


creative writing, novel in stories, short stories

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Available for download on Saturday, August 01, 2122