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Summer 7-1-2022


The lines between fact and fiction, real and surreal blur in this collection of magical realist tales. A young woman, coerced into hunting mysterious creatures in the forest, discovers that her worldview is marred by prejudice in “The Woods,” only to lose the family and support network on which she has relied for her entire life. The nature of storytelling itself is examined in “Violet,” in which a pregnant teenager has to make difficult decisions for her baby, informed by the complex and restrictive geopolitical systems in which we live. Meanwhile, the teen protagonist in “Redbud” struggles against the tyranny of the beauty industry in her small-town dystopia. “Starseed” examines the impact of Otherizing, while “The Soap Factory” takes on issues of consent and gendered violence. “The Garden” and “The Hive” follow this through line into an increasingly alienating and isolating postindustrial world. Each of these stories asks readers, What does it mean to be an outsider? Fortunately, it turns out you can see a lot from the outside looking in.

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MFA Creative Writing

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Andrew Bourelle

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Scarlett Higgins

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Adam Lifshey

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Gregory Martin

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Daniel Mueller




magical realism, fiction, Southwest

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